The Golden Retriever me that’s yet to be

Aw… look at those adorable Golden Retriever puppies in the header. Aren’t they sweet? Can you guess which one is me? NONE of them. Ha! Fooled you, right?

My name is Bronte and I am a Golden Retriever pup that is yet to be born. Whoa… wait… what??? Yes, you may well ask. Okay, here’s the thing. My mummy lives in Los Angeles, and  is getting a brand new Golden Retriever puppy and Bronte is going to be my name. Mummy knows she DEFINITELY wants a girl, and has my name picked out already. But she’s still waiting for me to be born.

I know it seems a little crazy for me to be starting my own blog when I’m not even born (I may not even be conceived yet), but that’s my mum for you. She says she decided to start this blog because she had NO idea how much effort was required to actually find the right breeder for me, and she thinks this might help other people. So I’m going to explain how she went about the search for a Golden Retriever breeder and why.

Just remember, as soon as I’m born, I’m replacing those puppies on this blog. I will be JUST as cute as them, if not cuter… but for now, here’s how the whole story began and how I’m about to come into existence.

It all began when mummy discovered the Golden Retriever Forum online. Why was she there? Good question. The next post explains all.

Oh, right. Sorry, forgot to explain my name. So why did mummy pick the name Bronte? It’s her favourite name,  because it’s her favourite author. Mummy insists that I will be named after Charlotte Bronte, NOT Emily. She believes Emily was a one hit wonder and that Charlotte had both a creative and business mind. Charlotte, she says, broke the mold with Jane Eyre, proving that you could fall in love with the most unlikely of heroes (read NOT the delectable Heathcliff that Emily conjured up), and that she was a “woman ahead of her time,” whatever that means.  Honestly, I don’t really care about mummy’s literary leanings. I’ll be very happy with Bronte. Thank goodness she’s not thinking of calling me Charlotte. I’ve heard of those “Charlotte the Harlot” teasings, and I don’t want to be embarrassed in puppy training classes. Onwards and upwards.

Oh, BTW, mummy had a cat named Bronte back when she lived in Israel, but she is no longer alive either. Mummy says Bronte would be very happy that I will carry on her name.


About Kelly

Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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3 Responses to The Golden Retriever me that’s yet to be

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  3. Ruby says:

    Bronte, come home!!! We have stories to tell you…

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