English vs American Golden Retrievers

So did you notice yet that my domain name is English Golden Retriever Girl? And it’s also on my blog’s header? That’s because I’m going to be an English Golden Retriever, NOT an American one. And no, it’s got nothing to do with the fact that my mummy was born in England – although she was. It’s because Bridget was an English Golden too and mummy loved her so much, she’d like the same type again.

Now you can read lots and lots on the difference between the two types. Here is a good place to start. But, according to all the experts the main differences are the way we look. Americans tend to have longer hair, with longer, leaner bodies and heads and are often darker. Some are even a red colour. English Goldens are lighter in colour, shorter, stockier and with what people say are “blocky” heads. NOT blockheads! Please! There’s also an argument that they have a more mellow temperament.

Either way, you have to be REALLY careful when looking for English retrievers in the US, because there are a lot of shady breeders out there. If you see someone saying “White” golden retriever, run for the hills. There’s no such thing as a white or platinum retriever. That’s just people trying to make a fast buck and charging you a bajillion dollars for a puppy. Bridget was an English retriever and she was very much a gold colour. Check out her pictures in the previous post. So DON’T be sucked in by these bad, bad, doggy breeders. Go with the reputable ones.

Ah, but how do you do that, you ask? Well, if you’re like my mummy you learn a LOT from the Golden Retriever Forum, you read the article on purchasing a puppy on the Golden Retriever Club of America website (GRCA), and you ask lots and lots of questions.

Mummy was very grateful to get help on the forum and learned that not every breeder advertises or even has a website. Some that do don’t even advertise on their site when they are having a litter. They’re so well known and well respected that they don’t need to advertise and their puppies are already spoken for before the sire and dam have even been bred!

Now, that’s not to say that those who have a website and advertise their upcoming litters are no good, either. In fact, one of the breeders mummy’s talking very seriously to do both. Just remember, when you start searching do lots and lots of research. Ask a million questions and know what to look for. Again, the GRCA page is brilliant in knowing what to ask for. Check it out, here.

Next post I’ll tell you exactly what mummy did and why she now has not one but two breeders that she’s in serious discussions with. She says we can’t name names yet, because that’s not right, but as soon as I show up, mummy will tell you which breeder she went with and the other breeder she didn’t go with. Why? Because she thinks they are both wonderful and right now wishes she could get a puppy from both!

But it’s also important that a breeder wants YOU to own one of their puppies as much as you want to own one of theirs. Really good breeders will never hand over a puppy to just anyone. They’ll want to know lots of things about you, have you fill in a questionnaire about your lifestyle, and very likely want to meet you.

It’s hard to know what you should pay for a Golden puppy and I’m no expert. But mummy’s read a lot and checked out a LOT of breeders and from her research she says anywhere between $1,000-$2,000 seems to be about right. She found someone charging $4,000 for their puppies. What? I mean I know we’re special and cute, but SERIOUSLY! Anything less than $1,000 you may be running into a backyard breederĀ  who doesn’t really care about the puppies’ welfare and who will sell you a pup with all kinds of health problems and that would be awful. Again, this is not a hard and fast rule. This is just my mummy’s experience. Read, read read. That’s my mummy’s motto.

So how did mummy find my breeder/s? I’ll tell you in the next post. By the way, that picture? It’s my avatar… do you like it? A good rendition of cute Goldens, no?

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