The search for a new Golden Retriever puppy

After a LOT of reading and surfing the net, as well as contacting the GRCA, mummy stumbled across a wonderful breeder in Canada. Canada? Yep. Well, remember, mummy’s looking for me to be an English Golden and there aren’t that many in California and mummy knew she’d be willing to get me from anywhere in the US or Canada.

Mummy found the WONDERFUL Catharine Gross at Braefield Goldens. You MUST check out her website. Well, mummy fell totally in love with everything mentioned on the site and the beautiful dogs out there so she sent them an email explaining who she was, what she was looking for (me!) and all about losing Bridget.

Catharine was SOOO lovely. She told mummy she wasn’t breeding any litters right now and the customs/paperwork thing can be a pain in the tushy when picking up a pup in Canada and taking it to the US. BUT she did put mummy right in touch with a breeder on the East Coast of America that she knew and recommended, understanding I’d be willing to travel. Well, when mummy saw that breeder’s website and how they breed and raise their pups she was smitten. EVERYTHING about their ethos, philosophy, etc. just spoke to  her.  She was so impressed with how Catharine just knew exactly what she was looking for. (As I mentioned in the previous post, mummy’s not ready to divulge the names of the breeders she’s negotiating with until we know where I’m coming from).

Mummy got right in touch with the breeders on the East Coast and they exchanged LOTS of emails. They’re going to breed their dogs very very soon – they’re just waiting for their female to come into season (any day now….) and if all goes well, I COULD be coming from them. Mummy is flying out to meet with them as soon as we know that their dog is pregnant. Mummy’s VERY excited. She’s been in touch with all the owners from that breeder’s last litter and they all sent wonderful pictures of their dogs, and the owners had the most glowing reviews in the letters. One of the people who got their puppy from them spent over an hour with mummy on the phone talking about their dog, the breeders etc. This is a GOOD sign. It’s good to speak with owners of previous litters so you know whether your breeder is reputable.

Mummy’s also been checking out great pics and updates on this breeder’s Facebook page and that’s a LOT of fun.

Because Mummy’s adamant that I be a girl, those breeders told her that the first two female puppies are already spoken for so it’s good for mummy to look around in case they don’t have more girl puppies but we all hope they do! I think I’d like to be a dog from that breeder.

And at that same time, Catharine at Braefield told mummy that her sire dog’s brother belongs to someone in the Mid West and she should contact them and see if maybe he’s being bred. Mummy checked the website and saw nothing about upcoming litters but she also loved this site too. Mummy wrote to the breeder with lots of info and asking if maybe her sire was being bred. Turns out he was! And that breeder said mummy is JUST the type of person the breeder would want to sell one of  their puppies to. They don’t advertise because they don’t need to. People always want their dogs. Both breeders (East Coast and Mid West) know each other and recommend each other. They both know mummy’s talking to both of them and that makes me very happy.

The Mid West breeder bred their two dogs a few weeks ago. We’ll know by October 4  (or thereabouts) if she’s pregnant and mummy can’t wait! The breeder  is also about to breed their sire dog with the sister of the first dog so there could be TWO litters a few weeks apart! Mummy is also flying out to visit them as soon as we hear if the dog is pregnant. She’s super excited.

This is why mummy started looking now, so soon after Bridget died, because she knew that many puppies are spoken for long before the dogs are bred, and that if she wanted to have me by early next year she’d need to get her tail into high gear. Which is exactly what she’s done. She says it helps her with the grieving process over Bridget.

Here’s why mummy is thrilled with BOTH breeders, because they both:

  • show their dogs as well as breed
  • are dog trainers – that’s their “day” jobs
  • make their clearances available. Read more about clearances here:
  • make their dogs’ lineage is available
  • put their puppies first and make sure they go to good homes
  • come highly recommended (you’d be amazed when you stumble on the right breeders how this community is tight knit – the good ones know each other and vouch for each other)
  • do temperament testing on their puppies
  • don’t allow you to choose your puppy. They know their puppies and choose the best pup for you based on its temperament and your lifestyle
  • are  members of Golden Retriever Clubs and the American Kennel Club
  • don’t take deposits in advance
  • don’t mind mummy asking a zillion questions
  • ask mummy a zillion questions

Now, these things may not be for everyone, but they are definitely for my mummy. She feels, after being overwhelmed and hitting brick walls, and deciphering who may or may not be good, she’s finally come across two breeders – both of whom she’d be truly happy with. Now she’s just waiting to go visit the breeders when pregnancies are confirmed and is hoping I will come from one of their homes where they will love me and take care of me until I’m ready to join mummy in my forever home.

Remember, all good breeders will have their dogs’ hips, elbows, heart and eyes checked out and you can find that information on each dog on the OFFA site and the K-9 data site. K-9 also provides the dogs’ lineage. There’s also a great article here about clearances and how to read them.

Don’t forget. Mummy’s off to the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind tomorrow and will take lots of pics and put them up here. She can’t wait!


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