California – the Golden (Retriever) State!

Somebody on the Golden Retriever forum posted this, and mummy simply couldn’t resist! She’s so happy to live in sunny Southern California and apparently lots of Golden Retrievers are too. I think I’m going to be very happy in SoCal too!

On Saturday morning, October 2, 2010, more than 200 Golden Retrievers and their adoptive families met on the East Steps of the California State Capitol with a banner in front of them displaying the event’s theme: Even in these tough times…California is still The Golden State!

Besides being an unprecedented milestone, this photo opportunity was designed to draw media attention to the over 800 golden retrievers and other dogs that are rescued and placed each year by the Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary.(HBGRR).

This historic event was covered both CW 31 and Channel 31 and served as the publicity kickoff event leading up to HBGRR’s 10th Annual “Kibble & Bids” fundraiser, Fiesta del Oro, on October 16, 2010.

Look at that photo! Amazing! So many Goldens in one place. I’m going to be right at home here.


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