Teddy’s Pregnancy Update

Mummy’s getting VERY excited about Teddy’s pregnancy. She has been in touch with Sandy at Timberee, and Sandy says that Teddy’s due date in November 12. Wheee!!!! That’s just three weeks away.

Sandy says that Teddy is doing VERY well, she’s getting lots of love and fresh air and exercise and extra yummy food – meat, vegetables, yoghurt etc.

Sandy also says that Teddy was looking fairly small and was a bit clingy but with three weeks to go, she could get bigger any day now. Teddy will have an x-ray a few days before her due date to get an idea of how many puppies are inside her. And for mummy – MOST importantly, if I’M in Teddy’s tummy.

Mummy is hoping and praying that is the case, but only time will tell. As a backup, though, I think I told you that Sandy bred Teddy’s sister (Katie), who Sandy co-owns with another person. Katie doesn’t live with Sandy but isn’t too far away. Katie was bred with Macallan too – almost a month ago and Sandy will go out there tomorrow  for Katie’s ultrasound to see if she is pregnant too. Sandy says Katie’s mummy is pretty certain she’s also pregnant.

This means (hopefully) that the odds are stacked in mummy’s favour – that both Katie and Teddy are pregnant and even if I’m not in Teddy’s litter (maybe she’ll have all boys?) then I should be in Katie’s litter who should be born  just ONE WEEK after’ Teddy’s litter.  Confused yet? Me too.

Anyway, in the meantime, Sandy sent pictures to mummy of one of Macallan’s puppies from another litter to give you an idea of what his and Teddy’s (or Katie’s) pups might look like. This puppy is called Ringo – and he was 10-12 weeks old when these pics were taken.

Isn’t he ADORABLE? Hopefully I’ll look as cute as Ringo. Mummy sees no reason why I shouldn’t!


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