Little Teddy may now be big Teddy!

Wow! So Sandy just sent my mummy an email saying that Teddy is looking a whole lot bigger than she anticipated with just three weeks to go before she gives birth. Sandy says she probably shouldn’t have been running around saying Teddy is going to have a small litter!

I hope Teddy is resting comfortably and is doing okay with her pregnancy.

Mummy is also waiting for the next update. Sandy is off to visit Teddy’s sister Katie who was also bred with Macallan (that Macallan has no qualms about dating sisters!). We’ll know later today how pregnant Katie is. Katie is apparently due to give birth a week or so after Teddy.

Mummy’s hoping for news on Katie a little later today. Hooray! You’ve already seen a picture of Teddy and Macallan, so here’s a picture of Katie whose AKC Kennel name is “Runs With Scissors” – No idea why. Mummy will have to find out.

She’s beautiful, no?

And yes, it looks like Katie is indeed pregnant! Not only that, Katie will be coming to stay with Sandy and Teddy when she gives birth, because Katie’s co-owner works full time and Katie only lives two miles down the road. That means Sandy will have a house FULL of puppies! Two litters – oh my!!!!!


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