Missing Bridget, waiting for Bronte

Mummy and Bridget

Mummy is very very sad today. She is missing her former Golden, Bridget VERY much. Today is exactly eight weeks since Bridget went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Mummy said that today she was sweeping and that there was NO dog hair to sweep up. That made her even more sad. She said she never thought she see the day where she’d complain that there wasn’t masses of golden doggy fur to sweep up, but apparently that day came today.

I hope that when I come home to be with her, she remembers this. Because when Bridget was alive she was always complaining about all the dog hair all over the place. I hope to oblige and give her LOTS of my fur to pick up.

Mummy did smile a bit today, though because Sandy emailed her and told her that Teddy is looking very heavy these days and we’re still thinking November 12 is her due date. That’s only 12 more days to go and I’ll most likely be born and mummy can start getting pictures of me as I grow and get ready to come home at eight weeks old.

In the meantime, I hope mummy doesn’t get too sad today. She sure does miss Bridget. I wish I could have met her. She sounds like she was super super special.

That pic up the top is of mummy and Bridget.


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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