Pupdate number 3 – THINK PINK PLEASE!!!!!

Sigh. So mummy just found out that Teddy’s sole female pup was promised to another couple before mummy even met Sandy. Before even Bridget died!

So, this now means we’re waiting for me to be born to Teddy’s sister Katie. Macallan is still the dad. Katie’s due in 10 days time. Oy!  This time mummy is FIRST in line for the girls, so everybody please THINK PINK and pray there’s at least one little girl and that it’s ME!!!!


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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One Response to Pupdate number 3 – THINK PINK PLEASE!!!!!

  1. Leanne says:

    I ran into a similar situation with Macy! The original sire & dam we had selected for a puppy from their litter, only ended up producing ONE puppy and it was a male! I was devestated to learn this, but upon visiting with our breeder to talk with her about our options, we came across this sweet little puppy just hanging our in her yard, playing with the big dogs! I asked who’s puppy that was going to be and as it turned out, the original owner who ordered her in from Sault Ste. Marie, ended up not being able to take her anymore. I knew at that moment that this fuzzy puppy was MACY and I went home with her that same day! So fate always has its way of coming around and working out for the better! I cannot imagine having any other dog. I would not have changed anything about the way Macy came to be mine. I am so excited for you, and the wait for Bronte will be well worth it! 🙂

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