Why Katie’s AKC name is “Runs With Scissors”

Mummy was feeling a little bit down after finding out that I wasn’t in Teddy’s litter, so she asked Sandy if she could tell her a little bit more about Katie and send her some pictures. That way mummy said she could start to “bond” with Katie the way she did with Teddy.

So Sandy put mummy in touch with Amy, Katie’s co-owner and mummy had a beautiful email from Amy and spoke to her on the phone too, to learn about all things Katie.

Now mummy’s very excited, especially after talking to Amy and hearing all about what a great love bug Katie is.  Amy also shared the story of how Katie got her registered name of Runs With Scissors.

Apparently, when Katie (who is now 4) was about two months old, Amy was wrapping Christmas presents on the floor. She put down her scissors for a second and when she turned around they were gone. Katie had picked them up and taken them under the tree! Amy even sent me the picture to prove it. It’s so CUTE. See? This is how Katie got her AKC name.

Katie - aka Runs With Scissors. Photo credit: Courtesy Amy Ashman

Amy also sent some pics of Katie as an adult and also one very cute picture of Teddy and Katie as puppies. Apparently it’s still impossible to tell them apart by their looks alone!

Enjoy the pictures of Katie, who is hopefully my new mummy and Macallan is still the daddy! Katie’s due in about 10 days. Still THINKING PINK!!!!

Katie and Teddy (or is that Teddy and Katie)? Photo credit: Courtesy Amy Ashman

Katie takes a bath! Photo credit: Courtesy Amy Ashman



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2 Responses to Why Katie’s AKC name is “Runs With Scissors”

  1. Amy Ashman says:

    Hi! It’s lovely to see our girl via the www! Looking again at the picture of Teddy and Katie Bug together, I think Katie is on the left and Teddy is on the right. I think Katie’s nose is just a touch longer. Belly report…house sized and growing! But happy! We’ll be headed out for a walk after a bit on this beautiful sunny day. The puppy area is ready here at our house as well. Best wishes and happy puppy thoughts!

    • bronte13 says:

      Amy! Just saw this.Thanks so much. Delighted to have Katie on the web. And so excited that she’s having her puppies very soon. Enjoy your last few days of peace and quiet. Best wishes to you all and big hugs to Katie!

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