Katie’s expecting EIGHT adorable Golden Retriever pups on Thanksgiving

Mummy has always said she doesn’t really “get” Thanksgiving. Not being American, she wasn’t introduced to this strange holiday until she moved to the US in 2004.

Being a vegetarian she never indulged in the whole eating Turkey thing either. However, mummy says she has been to wonderful Thanksgiving meals every year she’s been in the country. Her first was with a judge’s family so she learned LOTS about the holiday from him.

However, I just told her she’s getting off topic. This is the REAL news she wanted to tell you. Sandy just sent mummy an email saying that Katie had her x-ray today and she’s expecting EIGHT puppies… and they’re due on THANKSGIVING.

If I’m in Katie’s litter mummy will have the BEST Thanksgiving EVER and will be doing some serious celebrating.We’re all thinking there has to be at least ONE little girl puppy (ME) in Katie’s belly right now – and hopefully more, as there are other people hoping for little girls, too and we also want them to get their fur babies. And I’d love some sisters!

Okay, that’s the news. Watch this space. And happy PUPPY THANKSGIVING FOR THURSDAY!


About Kelly

Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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