I have arrived! I was born November 28, 2010

Hello World!
Yes! I am here!!!! I arrived today on November 28, 2010. I am one of NINE puppies. I have five brothers and three sisters and my mummy is SOOO excited she can’t contain herself.

Katie’s mummy, Amy, sent my mummy an email today and told her it was a LONG day with some of us being born at the vets and some of us born at home. I know you’re dying to see pictures of me… so wait no longer. Here I am!!!! Can you guess which  one is me?

Can you tell which one is me?

Mama Katie needs a drink!

Meanwhile, mummy just came home from some friends whose wedding she went to 18 months ago. They got married in Sequoia National Park – the first people to EVER get married up there. They married on the 4th of July weekend last summer and it was a three day camping wedding and everyone was invited to bring their dogs! Mummy brought Bridget and tonight they showed all the pictures from the wedding on their big screen tv and there were so many adorable pictures of Bridget, it made mummy cry.

My mummy’s friend Rachel says she’s going to send mummy all the pics of Bridget from the wedding. It was bittersweet. Just an hour after hearing I was born Mummy saw pictures of Bridget that she had never seen before.

Mummy says today has been a GREAT day…. Hooray! I’m here.. More info tomorrow.


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