More pictures of me! Bronte the Golden Retriever puppy

I know you’re just DYING to see more pics of me and my brothers and sisters and Katie, so here’s a few to tide you over.

Amy told mummy that the “Amelia Earhart” puppy is indeed a girl – so it COULD be me! Amy also told mummy she’d get a picture eventually of all four girls together so she can try and guess which one will be me.  As mummy explained AGES ago, Sandy, my breeder will pick who gets which puppy.  Of course I know who I am but I’m keeping quiet for a few weeks.

I’ve been sleeping a lot and squirming a lot and eating a lot, which keeps me VERY busy. Here’s more pics of me, Katie, and my siblings!


About Kelly

Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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