Some more information on my birth!

Well, I’m almost a whole day old today, and my mummy was very excited to get another picture today from Amy, Katie’s mummy.

Do you see that adorable puppy clambering on Katie’s head? Do you think that’s me? My mummy’s friend says that puppy should be called Amelia (after Amelia Earhart). It’s very cute, no?

As Amy noted: "There's always one!"

Amy says that Katie is taking to being a mother like a duck to water. She says all the puppies are VERY vocal and she’s jokingly calling one of them Yoda.

Katie apparently cried when she was taken out of the whelping box for a break. She wanted to be back in and taking care of her babies! She also is quite particular, apparently pacing about if she thinks they are taking too long to change her bedding.

I’m so glad Katie is such a doting mama. I’m very happy to be out in the real world, now but my eyes won’t be open for a while yet! But I have Katie and my eight brothers and sisters to snuggle with.

Mummy is already making her list of things to buy for me and checking out flights to Colorado so she can come and pick me up when I’m eight weeks old. Until then, I’ll try to behave and not fight with my siblings! But I’m a Golden Retriever, so I’m naturally sweet.


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