What’s in a date?

Mummy says she waited a few days to write about this because she needed to get her thoughts in order. She says my being born is such a wonderful, joyful, thing. Especially after losing her darling Bridget.

Now, though, she says she’s ready to share why November 28 is SUCH an important date in her life. For the last eight years, November 28 has been nothing but a terrible anniversary for her.  On November 28, 2002, mummy was in Mombasa, Kenya on assignment from The Jerusalem Post, the paper she worked for in Israel. You can read about why she was there at her blog post on this page.

It was supposed to be a fun junket, but three Al Qaeda suicide bombers drove their truck into the hotel and blew it up. They killed 12 people including mummy’s tour guide and two little boys as well as nine workers at the hotel.

Mummy spent a LONG time in Post Traumatic Stress counseling after that – almost a whole year, and November 28 is always a hard day for her. But this year – a long, eight years later, mummy is thrilled to celebrate my birth.

As she says, November 28 is no longer just a bitter day. From here on out it will be bittersweet.


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