Mummy has booked her trip to Colorado!

Mummy is very excited. She has booked her trip to come and pick me up in Colorado in just under five weeks. She’ll be coming to see me on January 20 (I’ll be sure to look my best), and leaving on January 23 to take me back home to Los Angeles. I can’t wait!

Mummy is also very very grateful that Amy and Mark are letting her stay with them. I can tell her already that I LOVE being with them, so she certainly will too. We’re going to have the BEST time. I can introduce her to my doggy mummy and daddy – Macallan and Katie, and to Amy and Mark. And there will be other doggies too. Lots of family, lots of doggies. It will be so much fun!

Amy says she might even take mummy sightseeing in Grand Junction if the weather isn’t too bad. I’d like to see the Grand Junction sights too. Right now all I see is the puppy pool, although we’re moving to our bigger quarters this weekend, I hear.

For now, I’m happy eating LOTS of food and snuggling all day. We all make a royal racket now, when it comes to feeding time. We are getting quite fat and happy don’t you think?


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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