We discovered the great outdoors today!

We got to go outside and play in the grass today. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! Even our doggie mummy Katie had a great time.

My human mummy saw today’s pictures and demanded to know who stole the cute little puppies and replaced them with these big dogs? Ha! We are so clever and funny and smart. We are still precious little bundles, but our legs work REALLY well!

Mummy ordered my Sherpa travel bag today online. It’s brown and pink. She’s excited. Soon she’ll be ready to come and pick me up in four weeks. She’s now got to order my big girl crate for when I come home.

Mummy was also a bit sad today because she came home and the Animal services people sent her a nasty letter asking why she hadn’t paid Bridget’s annual registration. She had to circle the box that says “the pet has died” – that made her cry, but she’s feeling a bit better now. Now she says she’s just mad that she has to pay for the stamp to send it back. Shouldn’t they be up to date? Can’t they just check with the vet (who will be my vet too) and realise that poor Bridget went to the Rainbow Bridge already?

Mummy says she’s really glad Amy’s puppy post with pictures of me and my siblings came in soon after, so she could smile.  Hope this makes you smile, too.


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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4 Responses to We discovered the great outdoors today!

  1. Homer says:

    Hiya Bronte,

    We have been following your blog. All the puppies are so adorable. Which one of them is you?


    • bronte13 says:

      Thanks Homer!
      Well, I know which one is me but Mummy doesn’t know yet. I am either Miss Pink, Miss Lime, or Miss Orange (the puppy formerly known as Peach). Our breeder Sandy will do the puppy Volhard test when we are six week old (about a week and a half from now) and then Sandy will match my temperament and personality from that testing with my mummy’s personality and what she’s looking for in a puppy. Then there will be a BIG announcement and lots of cute close ups of my precious face!

      Thanks for following!

  2. Leanne & Macy says:

    OH MY!! These babies are soooo adorable! Cannot believe how fast they are all growing!
    This must have been a very exciting day for all.

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