London calling (hence the delayed posts)

Mummy says to say SORRY she didn’t post anything for the last few days. She’s in London, England for a bit and it’s taken her a while to get up to speed with the Internet. Sooo…. be warned. You are now about to be bombarded with a SLEW of puppy posts AND a video. We’ve been VERY busy while mummy’s jetsetting around the world. We moved to a bigger space, we played in the snow in Colorado, we made you a fantastic New Year’s greeting, we learned to play with a ball and SOOO much more. Take a look at ALL these puppy posts and our videos. Enjoy!

Oh, and Mummy now promises she’ll be back online regularly. Happy New Year everyone!

And now… for our movie….


About Kelly

Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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