Prayers for Dharma and her puppies

Don’t worry, there IS another puppy post from us, but Mummy says she wanted to spare a moment to think about Dharma. Dharma belongs to Wendy Bergeron and MaryBeth Tessier of Eastshore Goldens. As mummy mentioned earlier in this blog, she was seriously considering getting a puppy from Wendy and MaryBeth at Eastshore if she hadn’t gone with Sandy at Timberee.

Nonetheless, mummy still thinks Wendy and Marybeth are WONDERFUL and recommends anyone on the East Coast looking for a fantastic breeder of Golden Retriever puppies to visit their site.

Despite Mummy deciding to choose Sandy and Timberee, she’s still stayed in touch with Eastshore and they bred their beautiful dogs Patrick and Dharma. Dharma gave birth today, but had problems at the end and had to have an emergency C-section, because the last puppy was so big. The last little puppy (a girl) didn’t make it, but Dharma is going to be okay (if a little sore and worn out). She did however give birth to six other healthy puppies – three boys and three girls.

Mummy wants to make sure we keep Dharma and all the new puppies in our thoughts and say a little prayer for the sweet pup that didn’t make it. So me and my siblings wish lots of blessings on The Eastshore dogs who are ALL wonderful and wish Dharma a speedy recovery.

As for the nine of us, we’re up to our old tricks although we cover it all up with our cuteness factor, which is in serious overdrive. Here’s our latest offering:


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2 Responses to Prayers for Dharma and her puppies

  1. Homer says:

    Sending pawsitive vibes to Dharma and wishing her a speedy recovery from the surgery!


  2. bronte13 says:

    Thanks, Homer. I know Dharma will appreciate it.

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