Memories…. light the corners of my mind

I wish I was home already so I could cuddle with Mummy. Today she did something she’s been putting off for nearly five months. She took all of Bridget’s things to the local animal shelter.

When Bridget passed away on August 30, Mummy kept some of her things, including her portable water bowl, her lead and collar, a lock of her fur and her name tag (which is now on Mummy’s keyring). She put them all in a beautiful wooden box with Bridget’s ashes.  She put all Bridget’s other things in a cupboard, including her orthopedic dog bed, her bowls, placemats, shampoo, brushes, combs etc.

Mummy didn’t want to keep those things for me because she says that it would just be too heartbreaking to see them in the house, and she also feels that I deserve my own, brand new things and we should both have a fresh start.

So today, Mummy pulled all Bridget’s things out from the cupboard and drove them to the animal shelter and handed them over so that the doggies there will be able to use Bridget’s things. But it made Mummy cry – a lot – to see all Bridget’s things and let them go (even though she had them locked up in a cupboard for the last five months). Apparently human emotions are complicated.

Still, Mummy says she will “get over it” and knows that Bridget’s things will be put to good use. Mummy says she wanted to post another picture of Bridget just so everyone remembers how beautiful she was.

This is Bridget being VERY HAPPY playing with Mummy.


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