Mummy’s shameless Facebook plug…

Oh, oh… Mummy is hijacking my blog! She says it’s VERY IMPORTANT… so I have agreed to let her plug something non-doggy.

Well, as you know my Mummy is a journalist and she has decided to give up her trashy tabloid journalism ways and cut ties with her jobs at The New York Post and The Daily Mail and go back to what she loves best: local, community journalism.

Me, I love all those celeb stories, but apparently I have no say in the matter. Hmph! So, Mummy wants EVERYONE to know she’s going to be working for as the Local Editor for the community of Mar Vista on Los Angeles’ West side.  You can learn all about who Patch is and what they do here.

Mummy’s Mar Vista Patch site will launch very soon, but to do that she needs people to “like” her Page on Facebook. I know all about Facebook because I have a Facebook Page too, here. If you like me too on this page, Mummy will get more readers on FB. Mostly it’s just the feed from this blog, but I’m famous on FB too, you know.

So, Mummy would LOVE it if all my doggy supporters would go to her Mar Vista Patch Facebook Page here and click the “like” button if you have a Facebook account.

She also wants me to tell you that she’s totally going to be “exploiting” me as the Mar Vista Patch puppy and I’ll be appearing in the Mar Vista Patch welcome video when the site launches in a few weeks… so look out for my cute mug.

Okay, Mummy says thank you for listening and she’ll post lots of pics of me when she flies out to Colorado TOMORROW to meet me, FINALLY. Whee!!!!! I can’t wait.

No new pics of me, so here’s an old one of me and my sister – Lime (owned by Amy), whose name is now Maggie!


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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2 Responses to Mummy’s shameless Facebook plug…

  1. Sam says:

    Done! Good luck to your Mom! We are very excited to meet you!


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