I’m home!!!!

Mummy and I are both very sorry for the LONG delay in posting but it’s been a very busy few days. First, Mummy came to Grand Junction, Colorado on Thursday to spend a few days with me, Amy, Mark, Betty and my doggie family – Mama Katie, Uncle Tucker and my sister Maggie. I met Mummy at the airport but I wasn’t too sure who she was and wanted to be with my sister Maggie all the way home. Between the two of us we kicked up a real ruckus!

I'm helping Amy empty the dishwasher in Colorado


But I soon got used to Mummy and she was very sweet – she cuddled me, and held me and played with me and fed me and got up at 4 a.m. (tee hee) to take care of me and Maggie.

We all had a great time in Grand Junction and I went with Mummy and Amy and Betty to see the National Monument. We drove up both sides. I was very excited going up one side but decided to fall asleep going up the other. This was AFTER I decided I wanted to somersault out of the car, but luckily Amy caught me.

Playing with my toys at Amy's house

The vet said I am in GREAT HEALTH and I now weigh 13.5 lbs. Weee!!! We think my sister Maggie weighs about 16 lb. She is REALLY heavy.

Mummy fell in love with Maggie and Mama Katie who is so sweet and still checked up on us, and made sure we were okay. She also loved Uncle Tucker, who loves to watch the rabbits and wishes he could chase them. He climbed into Mummy’s lap even though he’s big and heavy.



Katie, Maggie (closest) and me

The first night in Grand Junction Mummy and Amy thought it would be a good idea to tryand separate me and Maggie so they put us in separate crates – I went to Mummy’s room and Maggie went to Amy and Mark’s room. Boy were they silly! I made sure they knew this was the WRONG decision and Mummy had to put me back in my pen in the end after three hours of hollering.

I LOVE the agility tunnel!

We also played in the agility tunnel and I LOVED it. I went flying through. See my pic? Mummy says I’m fearless. Apparently, I’ve been like that since day one. I like to jump into everything and explore everything and I’m not afraid. I prance and jump and will take on anything bigger than me. I don’t care! Maggie’s a little more laid back than me.

I was SO GOOD on the plane home. Even though the vet gave Mummy some pills for me to take in case I got too scared, I wasn’t. I cried a little in my crate but went to sleep for most of the flight. Everyone at the airport thought I was very cute and wanted to pet me.

Home in Los Angeles! And very sleepy

When we got home on Sunday I played lots in my new garden, and learned how to use the doggy door and the doggy ramp into the garden. I’m too little to get up and down the stairs – I figured that out the hard way!

I love my new bully sticks and my new toys. Mummy put me in my crate to sleep when I got tired. I didn’t like it and cried, but Mummy trained me with a clicker and treats and I soon curled up and went to sleep.

I love my new toys

Last night I was SOOO tired. I went to bed in my crate at 6 p.m. and slept the WHOLE night. I was pretty wiped out from that trip. I did move around a lot in my crate and Mummy finally got me up at 3 a.m. because she was worried I hadn’t woken up AT ALL. She took me outside to pee, which I did, but I wanted to  play! But Mummy said no I had to go back to sleep. I barked and cried for 10 seconds but soon realised Mummy wasn’t going to play so I went back to sleep. I wouldn’t have woken up but Mummy got up at 7 a.m. so I thought I’d better join her. I got up, ate breakfast, played for an hour in the garden and in the house and now I’m off for a nap again in my crate. I cried again but soon settled down.

Did I mention that I have had NOT ONE ACCIDENT in the house? NOT ONE! I’ve peed and pooped outside EVERY TIME. Mummy says she hopes I mean to continue as I started. I’m trying.

I’ve been busy. I love my new home. I met my neighbour Randall who came to pick me up at the airport. I like his house. He has a little model train that I find VERY interesting. He also likes to play chase with me around the garden. I also met my neighbour Ariella and my other neighbour Mary – I’m not sure who they are yet but I’m sure I’ll get used to them. Right now I’m sticking close to Mummy, because I love her best!


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6 Responses to I’m home!!!!

  1. Khyra says:


    What a GReat traveller woo are!

    Welkhome Home!


  2. Sue Cutt says:

    Bronte is very cute and I love her page. I have two Golden’s a six year old male named Cooper and a 7 month old named Shanny! Golden’s are the best!!

  3. Courtney says:

    Welcome home pretty girl! Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Welcome Home Bronte. It looks like you are going to be very happy there. I loved the photo of you flying through the agility tunnel.


  5. Homer says:

    Hello Bronte!

    Welcome home! We love all your photos, especially the first one.


  6. Sam says:

    It’s great to finally meet you, Bronte! Welcome home!


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