New tricks and new pics!

Guess what? I can now not just close my crate door but actually almost close the bolt. I’m also trying to figure out how to open the bolt from the inside. I am too smart for my own good, Mummy says.

I am also very pleased to report the test results for my stool sample came back completely negative. Yippee! However, the vet said Mummy should put me on low fat cottage cheese for a couple of days until I become ‘regular’ again. I had my first taste of cottage cheese last night. And let me tell you – it was AMAZING!!!! I can’t believe nobody told me about this stuff before. I went CRAZY for that stuff. I attacked the bowl and wagged my whole body and wolfed it down in seconds flat! I really wanted Mummy to know how much I LOVED it. But she didn’t give me any more. Phooey.

Today, though, she gave me the cottage cheese in my puppy Kong so I would take longer to finish it. Hmmm… I also made a HUGE mess, it got in my ears and on my face too, but I still loved it just as much.

I got “over tired” today. That’s what Mummy calls it. I didn’t want to stop chasing, biting and nipping and Mummy finally put me in my crate and I crashed for an hour and a half.

Yesterday I went to a coffee shop but fell asleep in my Sherpa bag. Oops. We also went in the car to Trader Joe’s but I had to sit in the car with my neighbour, Randall while Mummy bought supplies. Lots of people came up and said how cute I was!

I’m off to puppy kindergarten this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes!

PS. Mummy’s working on video


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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One Response to New tricks and new pics!

  1. Homer says:

    Bronte! You should try offals. I guarantee you that you’ll LOVE IT! BTW, have you got the runs? My Missus would fast me for a day and give me chicken and rice (in more portions every 4 hours) when my tummy is sickie.

    We cannot wait to see your video!


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