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Puppy Agility Part II – and I turned three months old today

Well, apparently I am the SUPER STAR at puppy agility. Trainer Dave makes me show everyone else how to do things in class. He thinks I am both gorgeous and very very smart. I’m not sure why it took him … Continue reading

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I weigh 18lbs (Gee thanks for posting my weight to the whole world, Mum!)

Yes, it’s true. I went to the vet today and I now weigh 18lbs. I’m getting very big and strong. I have sturdy little legs and a take no prisoners attitude. Don’t mess with me! I am TOUGH. I did … Continue reading

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I’m in the PINK again…

Firstly, Mummy says starting this week we’ll start blogging regularly again. I plan on holding her to that. I have fans who will not be denied! Mummy needs to consider that. Secondly, I would love to share a wonderful story … Continue reading

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Don’t panic, I’m still here!

Poor Mummy has been SOOO busy – her site launches tomorrow and she’s been working round the clock. On top of that,  I get her up every two hours at night to go out and pee. So she’s not had … Continue reading

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