I weigh 18lbs (Gee thanks for posting my weight to the whole world, Mum!)

Yes, it’s true. I went to the vet today and I now weigh 18lbs. I’m getting very big and strong. I have sturdy little legs and a take no prisoners attitude. Don’t mess with me! I am TOUGH. I did NOT like it when the vet gave me a shot. I growled at him – but then he gave me treats so I forgave him. I’m incredibly forgiving when it comes to treats.

I started Puppy Agility last Sunday. I was a bit scared at first but I now can sit on the stand quietly and run up and down the puppy A-frame and plank. Whee! It’s just that “Sammy” always had his turn before me. Sammy is a Maltese who is 5 months old. He kept leaving his treats on the A-frame so I stopped on my way over it to pick them up. I think that was very considerate of me, don’t you? I don’t know why Sammy didn’t want his treats. That’s just weird, no?

I now go to puppy agility AND puppy kindergarten, but I know more than they teach in puppy kindergarten. They teach us sit and come and our names, but DUH – I’ve known my name for AGES, plus I know “Sit” “Stay” (for about 2 seconds), “Come” “Down” “Off” (boy does Mummy say “off” a lot – especially when I’m doing fun things like trying to join everyone for breakfast), and “No” She uses “No” a lot too.

I have learned some interesting things. I learned that when I cry and bark in my crate Mummy ignores me, so I don’t do it anymore because she lets me out SO FAST when I’m quiet. I also get my meals much faster when I don’t cry and jump up while Mummy’s preparing it. Did you know that if I cry she stops – mid preparation! (how cruel) and waits for me to shut up before continuing. I get my food faster when I don’t act up so I’ve stopped that too.

Mummy also makes me sit and wait till she puts the food bowl down and tells me I can eat. She says it’s so I don’t attack her when she’s putting the bowl down. But doesn’t she know I’m STARVING????? I could waste away (all 18lbs of me) if  I don’t get my food NOW!!! But now I am good and I wait – it only takes her a few seconds before she says “okay” and I can eat. Humans are SOOO fussy, don’t you think?

So Mummy was thinking I was such a little angel lately but then I dug a big hole in the garden today. It was SO MUCH FUN. I don’t think she thinks I’m an angel now.

Here’s some lousy pics of me in puppy agility and some pics from when I went with Mummy and Randall to The Vegan Joint for lunch at the top of my street. I sat on the chair like a good puppy but they wouldn’t let me share their dinner. Phooey.


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3 Responses to I weigh 18lbs (Gee thanks for posting my weight to the whole world, Mum!)

  1. The OP Pack says:

    You are just getting prettier and prettier every time we see you, Bronte. You have a great life – we think we would like that agility thing too. Our Mom does that with our food too, sit and wait and then FINALLY OK. She loves it when we do what she asks, so most of the time we are pretty good. Ciara say she would love to dig a big hole with you – she just LOVES the mud.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Amy Ashman says:

    You think you’re tough, sista? I, Maggie the Magnificent, am sooo tough that I eat spiders. Never mind that my whole face swells up and I have to have shots and am miserable. I am tough, doggone it! Uncle Tucker even says so. Oh, wait…you said I was a bit stupid for eating a spider, Uncle Tuck? Oh. Apparently, my mom did it when she was little, so I had to give it a try. Not my favorite thing, actually.

  3. bronte13 says:

    Maggie!!!!! I miss you, sister. Well, maybe I miss you. Listen. Ok? Stay AWAY from the spiders. I have discovered something that is JUST as much fun and doesn’t require a trip the vet. You have to wait till it rains and then the ground in the garden gets nice and soft and squishy and then you can dig a REALLY BIG hole in the soft, mushy dirt. It’s SOOO much fun. Even better is walking into the house with big black muddy paws and muddy nose afterwards. Your family will be kind of upset but they’ll laugh because you look so cute.

    Woos! Good to hear from you. Come dig in my garden any time, but shhh… don’t tell my mummy.

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