What? I have kennel koff (cough)? How is this possible?

So Mummy thought I’d chewed something disgusting (which I do regularly) because I spent an hour today trying to hack up something. Truthfully, I felt fine. Still running around, still having fun. Just pausing to attempt to barf from time to time with nothing coming out. After an hour of me sounding like an 80-year-old man with emphysema, Mummy said “enough!” and dragged me off to the vet.


This is who I reminded Mummy of

Luckily “my” vet was in. I LOVE Dr. Metten! I remember that he gave me lots of TREATS last time so I barked at him like crazy and guess what? He gave me treats. Yummy! Then he weighed me. I weigh a whopping 25lbs now, which may explain why Mummy has a hard time picking me up!

Mummy told Dr. Metten she was very worried about my wheezing old man impersonation. I was thinking it’s because she keeps giving me so many baths. I got one two days ago after I tried to dig again a HUGE hole in the garden. I very carefully dragged out all my toys and lined them up on the edge of the hole (is it my fault Teddy Bear fell in? No it’s NOT!!!!). Then I came in after a hard morning’s work and just because I had dirt up to the tops of my legs Mummy threw me in the bathtub. Sheesh! I love the dirt. She’s SOOO picky.

Then yesterday after the cleaners came and threw all their soapy water in the bushes I thought it might be fun to go play in that water. Apparently Mummy didn’t like me smelling of rancid dirty water and threw me in the bath AGAIN!!!! Two days in a row. Two baths. Phooey!

But back to the vet. Obviously it’s not like I buried the lede here (my Mummy’s a journalist), you know from the headline what Dr. Metten said. He says even though the Zoom Room is disinfected and dogs have to provide proof of shots, they can still pick up anything – and apparently I did. Or that’s what he thinks! He sent me home with some pills. Apparently Mummy told me AFTER I had my dinner tonight she hid the pill in the food. Hmmm… I didn’t notice. Perhaps I’d better be careful and check my dinner for drugs.

Dr. Metten says he’ll call Mummy on Monday and see how I am, but he’s pretty sure I have the dreaded CK but we caught it early so I should be fine. What’s he talking about? I feel GREAT!!!!!

Sorry, I can’t bear to include pics of me looking pathetic with the dreaded lurgy… so no pics today. HA! Now I must go destroy stuff. Excuse me. Thanks for any well wishes in advance, but seriously I feel great!!!!

Oh, and guess what? As a kind of joke, as soon as we got to the vet I stopped hacking. Ha! Mummy was terrified but I’ve since been fine. I hope Mummy’s not too mad at me.


I have a little cough, sir

In my little chest, sir

And every time I cough, sir

I feel a little pain, sir

Cough, Cough, Cough

There it is again, sir


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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2 Responses to What? I have kennel koff (cough)? How is this possible?

  1. The OP Pack says:

    Oh, that nasty kennel cough – it sounds a lot worse than it really is, but best to get some meds to make you better.

    25 lbs. – well , that is a good thing, you ARE a growing girl:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. bronte13 says:

    Thanks OP Pack! Hope you are all healthy and happy too.

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