31 Pounds and a Visit to Mummy’s Accountant

Yes, I’m 31lbs. Whoa!!!! Mummy says I feel huge. I am now four and a half months old. Can you believe it? I’m also VERY busy now that I have had all my shots – finally.

Last week, Mummy went all crazy again because she found a BIG lump on me. Now, my Auntie Bridget got a lump that turned out to be cancer and she died, so Mummy was very freaked out. Of course I am just a puppy and Bridget didn’t get sick till she was 13 and a half, but still Mummy flipped out … until of course she realised the lump was from my rabies shot. Apparently, some puppies get an allergic reaction to that shot, and I’m one of them. I didn’t care, I didn’t feel a thing and now the lump is the size of  a tiny pea, not a golf ball any more so Mummy is happy again. She’s such a worrier!

The good news is that now I have all my shots I’ve been out exploring the world! I went to the Pet store and played with the big dogs – ( I prefer them to the little dogs because I’m big on the inside), I’ve been to the big park – lots of dogs. I’m learning to walk on a loose leash. Whenever I pull forward on the leash Mummy just stops walking. what’s up with that??? So then I sit and wait for her to catch up with me. What IS her problem? I do love my walks, though.

I’ve been to work meetings with Mummy too. She holds those in coffee shops. And she calls it work? Ha! Everyone always comes up to me and wants to play with me and chat with me. We also went for a walk down by the beach – but not on the sand just yet – just on the walkway alongside. Boy did I have fun. I saw my first ever set of rollerblades and a skateboard and a recumbent bicycle. They were SOOO interesting!

I do get VERY upset when some people don’t want to talk to me. I want to talk to EVERYONE. I LOVE everyone! Why doesn’t everyone love me?

Today was the most boring visit ever. I went with Mummy to her tax accountant. She brought my toys with but I wasn’t interested. However, the accountant’s receptionist brought me a paper cup filled with water. I really wasn’t thirsty so I just knocked over the water and chewed up the cup. Boy, that was FUN! The good news though was Mummy brought treats with her so I ate those, and then Mummy found out she’s getting a tax refund and promised to buy me even more yummy treats. I’m holding her to it!

I’m still doing puppy agility and this weekend I’m starting grown up doggy obedience. Usually they don’t let dogs start it till they are six months old, but I’m such a smarty pants and my trainer loves me so he’s letting me start at 4 and a half months!

Oh, and guess what? My training place is organising for me to take my A.K.C. Star Puppy Test very soon. I’ll let you know how I do.

Love to all,


Me chilling

Me playing


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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4 Responses to 31 Pounds and a Visit to Mummy’s Accountant

  1. Amy Ashman says:

    Hi Bronte! I’ve been a busy girl lately! I have been quite busy removing shoes from the closet, because my silly people insist on keeping them in a closet, of all places. I have chewed a rug to bits – actually two of them. I got up on the counter when Amy had a headache and was resting, and decided I would just chew some pills I found sitting next to the bag of treats sitting there. Amy freaked out and made me drink a ton of peroxide, so I threw up over and over and over again. I have now surpassed my mom’s puppydom naughtiness, apparently. Oh, and I ate a couple of styrofoam eggs out of the baskets in the front hall. Amy had to hot glue those in so I can’t take any more out of there. Frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t think of that before, since I’m so sneaky! I’m a bit of a stinker, really, but the vet says I’m beautiful, and so does Betty. A lot. Every day. Over and over again. But I like it, and she can’t help it. Today, I sat on the rug next to her while she took her bath. I am learning to guard her like Tucker and Katie do. But yesterday I stole her soap. I have to keep my hand in. I mean paw. Take care, Bronte, and keep up the good work!

  2. bronte13 says:

    Thanks Maggie. I wish we could hang out and swap great ideas. I was counter surfing on the coffee table the other day and I swiped an entire piece of pineapple and I swallowed it whole, so Mummy couldn’t whip it out of my mouth. I was too smart for that trick. Also, the FedEx man came and delivered a nice box to Mummy with her very important press pass, but I got it before she even knew he’d been. I ran round the side wall of the garden to play with my new toy. Oh, and my favourite thing to play with these days is snails! I like to bring them in from the garden and roll them around in my mouth and then drop them on the floor. But they are so slow, they don’t want to play with me! I’m glad you’re taking care of Betty. Tell Amy you were just holding the soap for her!

  3. Charlie the King Parrot says:

    Hi Bronte ! Glad you are all better !! You look Great !!!yeah we have to keep the Humans occupied ! Otherwise what would they get themselves into ?

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