I’m the Zoom Room’s Dog of the Month!!!

Mummy is SOOO proud of me. I’ve been picked as the Culver City Zoom Room Dog of  the Month! Mummy had to answer lots of questions about me and they put up a great profile of me and all my favourite things. You can read it here. I love the Zoom Room!

I also lost my first tooth at the Zoom Room on Sunday. I was in puppy agility with Stephanie and her 5 and a half month old Great Dane Calypso. Calypso just had her ears taped that morning and she and I were playing, LOTS. This means I jumped around a lot and she just moved slightly sideways and bowled me over. That’s one big puppy. Even I know she’s bigger than me. But I love playing with the big dogs. Even though Calypso is HUGE, she is such a sweetie and so much fun to train with.

Anyway, suddenly everyone saw that there was blood all over the tape on Calypso’s ears and they all panicked, but then Mummy spotted one of my teeth lying on the floor. Everyone was relieved, and also very excited that I lost my first tooth. I don’t know what the big deal was. I didn’t feel a thing. Mummy says I’m now her Gummy Bear!

Because I don’t need to go to the vet for any more shots, I’m not getting weighed regularly. But Randall – our neighbour – who I consider my Daddy, he bravely picked me up and stood on the scales the other day. Drumroll please…. 38.6 pounds! No wonder mummy says I’m so heavy.

Um, what else can I tell you? Well, I’ve become a big fan of counter surfing and swiped an entire piece of pineapple off the table the other day. Didn’t even chew it. I swallowed it whole. Yum! Oh, and I love to play with snails. For some reason this doesn’t make Mummy happy. However, she is happy I’ve stopped digging holes in the garden…. well she THINKS I’ve stopped. I might surprise her one of these days…

Taking a nap

At the Zoom Room (I)

At the Zoom Room (II)

At the Zoom Room (III)


About Kelly

Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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2 Responses to I’m the Zoom Room’s Dog of the Month!!!

  1. Sam says:

    You look so much like my Cisco did at that age – such a cutie! Is your Mom going to keep your tooth?


  2. Kira says:

    Wow Bronte – you’re looking quite grown up these days!!


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