I Passed My AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test!

Guess what? I officially passed my AKC S.T.A.R. puppy test last Saturday – one day before my 6month birthday. Mummy is VERY proud of me. I’m still waiting for my swag (certificate, medal etc.) to come in the mail. Any one know how long that takes?

Sorry I’ve been AWOL – not sure I have an excuse, but I have been busy!

I have LOTS of new friends. I meet EVERY weekday afternoon up at the big park with my new doggy friends. We all have a great time. My best friend there is Jack – he’s a mixed dog with only three legs, but he LOVES me and we play all the time! Apparently he loves puppies. My other friends are the beautiful poodle Coltrane, the labrador May, a little, bitty dog called Tillie, a large dog (forget breed) called Navar (but he doesn’t like to play with me so much), the sheepdog Parker, the cocker spaniel, Gracie and I’m sure there are others but I forget!

I just graduated Obedience 1 on Saturday and am starting Obedience 2 on Wednesday night. At the end of Obedience 2 in six weeks, I’ll hopefully be ready to take my Canine Good Citizen test. Mummy says I’m good in class but a terror at home. I’ve dug more holes; it rained last week and I dug and dug and dug and came into the house almost entirely BLACK. I was FILTHY and muddy and Mummy was NOT happy. But it felt soo good. Then I got thrown in the shower. Phooey.

Mummy is also thinking of signing me up for “tricks’ class. Boy, I’m already doing obedience and puppy agility, she wants me to do tricks too? I just learned “spin” and “twirl” which apparently Mummy says I’m learning faster than my recall! Especially at the park.

My best friend in puppy agility is a Great Dane called Calypso. We run and play after class till we’re exhausted… On Sunday after class we played so much I could barely stand up. Then I came home and slept for two and a half hours!!!!

Okay. Here’s my latest mug shots!

This first section is from when I went with Mummy on a Green Garden Showcase Tour in the neighbourhood. It was all about sustainable landscaping and see I found my own sustainable plants!

These next photos are of me playing with Calypso (Great Dane) and Walter (Bernese Mountain Dog) at puppy agility.

These are photos of me taking a nap with my teddy bear whose name is Ted. I LOVE Ted. He was here when Mummy brought me home. She bought him for him. He used to be bigger than me. Hard to believe!


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8 Responses to I Passed My AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test!

  1. Khyra says:


    That is soooo furry pawesome of woo!

    BTW, the BMD puppy is khutie pie – I think he’d make a sweet boyfuriend!


  2. Boondocks says:

    Congratulations on the STAR puppy!! You go, girl!!


  3. Homer says:

    Hey Bronte,

    I’m so glad to see you again! You’ve been away for while and how are you doing?

    The Missus loves all the photos, especially the one with Ted! Oh, and the Bernese Mountain puppy is adorable! Awww…

    Btw, did you know I have relocated again? I’ve moved from Italy to Singapore about a month and half ago!

    Take care Bronte!


    PS: The Missus said we look alike when I was at your age!

  4. Sam says:

    Congratulations, Bronte! Woot! …or would that be Woof?


  5. Hi Bronte,

    Congratulations on passing your test. Have you got your certificate yet?

    You’re looking more and more like my new brother, Enzo, (who is just a bit younger than you – born 29 Dec). A puppy takes up all the spare time there is and then some, so my mum and I understand why your mum hasn’t posted much (just like my mum has been too busy with the young one to post much about me or even visit your blog), but we love seeing your photos and hearing what you have been up to when we do stop by.

    Sending you lots of woofs,

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