Well this is embarassing…

… on a number of levels.

1) I haven’t blogged in AGES! To be honest, this is a really tough time for Mummy, who, as you know has been dealing with the aftermath of her foot surgery and has taken to blogging about it here. Her recovery has been tough, but she’s getting better. She has had such a tough time that she actually hired a dog walker for me for a couple of weeks because she couldn’t take me out. Let me tell you how  much I LOVE my dog walker – Sarah. (Mummy’s not so keen on the money she costs her though…). But Sarah is great! She comes and takes me to the dog park for a WHOLE HOUR. She came every day at 11 a.m. and we went to the park and played and ran and then I came home exhausted and crashed on the living room floor for three hours. Mummy liked that! I get SOOO excited when Sarah comes to get me. I jump around and tell her “let’s go already!” I run to the front door but for some reason Sarah and Mummy feel they have to “chat” first – whatever that is, so they both make me wait at least a whole minute before I go out. Don’t they know I”m DYING to get to the park? I hope Sarah comes back soon.

In the meantime, Mummy has been taking me with our neighbour Randall to agility class, but mummy can only watch, because of her foot so Randall does the class with me. Here’s video of me in my Agility 2 class doing the weave poles. Yay me!!

I haven’t yet mastered the teeter totter and seem to have forgotten the dog walk so now I”m afraid of both of those, but my trainer Kris at the Zoom Room says it will all come back to me. It had better, because even though agility session ended on Sunday, I can’t sign up for the next session because Mummy wants to wait till she can take the class with me and she’s not allowed to run yet. So Phooey to that. I was going to take a tricks class instead but now I can’t because of …. embarrassing reason number 2)

2) Well, I’m going to be 10 months old on Sunday and I just came into season!!! Oh no!!!! So now I’m being cooped up at home and Randall has to take me out on a tight leash to keep those boy dogs away from me. Right now I don’t want them anywhere near me. I’ve been VERY out of sorts over the last week. I’ve been very clingy and a bit exhausted and two dogs tried to chase me at the park and I got so scared I barked at them and chased them away! Mummy was shocked because I’m usually so quiet and sweet. That’s when she figured out I was going to come into season soon. I was also off my food for a bit. I didn’t eat a lot, and one night I even threw up. I’m feeling better now but now I’m in the bleeding phase which doesn’t make Mummy (or me) too happy.

Mummy also says that after I turn a year old I’m going to get spayed so no more crazy mood swings for me. I don’t know what this spayed thing is, but it sure doesn’t sound good.

I hope I get more treats this week because I’m not really myself!


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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One Response to Well this is embarassing…

  1. Homer says:

    Bronte! So good to see you again! how are you my darling? And, what happened to your mom’s foot? Did you try to chew it? You are supposed to chew her shoes, not her foot! 🙂

    Hope all is well. You are doing great in your agility. We hope that your mom will make a speedy recovery so that she can take part in all your activities!


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