Hello! Remember me?

Hmm… I’m back. I have been a bad, bad, bad, puppy blogger. And my mummy is totally embarrassed. The good news is I will have two posts – one today and one tomorrow to make up for my lack of updates. Tomorrow is a VERY SPECIAL POST. Can you guess why? (shh.. don’t tell anyone). But for now, here’s what’s been happening:

I have TWO sets of photos to share with you. Hooray! One is from The Zoom Room’s Hallo-woof party, where I dressed up as a cheerleader and was a member of Team K-9. Pretty cute – no? My best friend Calypso the Great Dane was there as a pirate with her mummy and daddy. We played together a LOT. See us?

The second thing is Mummy and my neighbour Randall (I call him my daddy), took me to Big Bear Lake where I learned (or tried) to learn to swim. It was FUN! I met Max the dog who was chasing balls in the lake so I learned to go in and chase balls too.

Much more fun was the cabin we stayed in. I got my very own futon! Actually Mummy said it wasn’t mine, but what does she know? You can tell by the photos it’s mine, right? And I also got to lay in front of a lovely log fire (and I helped start the fire too – I was an excellent helper).

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See my videos, too, below (the first is me mastering the steep, steep, stairs at Big Bear and the second is me mastering Big Bear Lake).

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a special announcement!



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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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5 Responses to Hello! Remember me?

  1. Hi Bronte,

    It is nice to see that you are back, and to see photos of what you have been up to. Your costume is very cute, and going on holiday sounded like lots of fun.

    My human is like your mummy – she is very erratic when it comes to sitting down and writing about me. Sometimes she says that life is just too busy for words, although she still seems to be able to speak lots of them.

    We will check back tomorrow for your special post. I think Enzo and I have already guessed what it is so we are sending you our best wishes early.

    Riley, Enzo and thier mum

  2. Sam says:

    Hi! Mom was just wondering what had happened to you!

    Welcome back!


  3. Homer says:

    OMD! You are back! Where have you been all these time???

    Great to see you and your mom are doing well. Don’t stop blogging ok?


    • bronte13 says:

      I’m so sorry, Homer. My mummy has been very busy with work and her operation on her foot. But she’s getting much better at helping me get back to the computer. And I’m glad. My paws were getting rusty!

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