Happy 1st Birthday to ME!!!!!!!

Today I am a whole year old. Mummy was very excited and bought me a new collar and leash. Happy Birthday to me!!!!

We’re going to have bigger celebrations this weekend because Mummy had a REALLY busy day. She celebrated my birthday by having to go to court really early in the morning. And why was she in court? Because when I was 4.5 months old I was in a park and not on a leash and a bad man gave mummy a ticket. She had to go to court TODAY – on my BIRTHDAY!!!

Mummy says she’s very pleased the judge did not “throw the book” at her. I think that would have been fun. I’m REALLY good at catching things! (especially balls and frisbees – but I’m pretty sure I could catch a book too).

So Mummy says I’m not getting a lot of presents because she spent a LOT of money on my fine. Yikes.

Anyway, I had a fun day. The men came to chop down the branches off the trees today and I jumped ALL over the leaves.

Big hugs and happy birthday to my puppy in crime (I guess we’re no longer puppies now) – my sister Maggie. Happy Birthday Maggie. I love you!!!!

Here’s a recent pic of me (not from today though). But Mummy says she’s going to take pics of my new fancy collar and leash which is tartan (in honour of my daddy dog who is Scottish), and pink because I was the “pink” puppy – remember?


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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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11 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday to ME!!!!!!!

  1. Homer says:

    Awww Bronte! Time flies and now you are one year old! Happy Barkday and I hope you can hear my barks and howls all the way from Singapore. (Ermmm… you know I have relocated to SIngapore, right?)

    Sorry to hear about that bad man who gave your mom a ticket. The area that you are living seems to be pretty strict with ‘dogs must be on leash’ rule or, that man is not a dog lover?

    Have a great day Bronte! Sending lots of loves and drool.


  2. Susan Marie says:

    Happy Birthday Bronte !! I can’t believe you are already a year old ! We hope some day to meet you in person !!
    Love, Susan Marie and Jordan XXOO

    • bronte13 says:

      Susan Marie! So lovely to hear from you. How is Jordan??? I still have a lot of pink toys that you sent me when I was little. I LOVE my pink heart. It’s my favourite toy although it’s a bit ripped to shreds – sorry. We want to see pics of Jordan. Sending you big big hugs.

  3. Happy birthday Bronte. Have a wonderful 1st Barkday.

  4. Sam says:

    Happy Birthday, Bronte! We hope you have a very special day!


  5. Hi Bronte,

    Happy belated birthday. Would you like to have my puppies? Actually, at 11 I think I’m a little too old for you although I am young at heart. Check out my blog at http://www.roloretrieverblog.co.uk

    Sounds like your mummy might have a few things in common with mine – she is a journalist, writer, author and editor, too!! Small world alert…


    Rolo Retriever

  6. Amy Ashman says:

    Happy Birthday, Sis! Sorry I missed your birthday! Actually, we kind of missed mine around here as well. Amy posted a picture of me above, though. Take care!

  7. bronte13 says:

    Happy Birthday Maggie!!!! I hope you had fun. I am getting spayed tomorrow. Help me!!!! Hugs to you and Amy and the gang. Love, Bronte.

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