Happy New Year!

Hello everybody,

I’ve had a very very busy couple of weeks. It’s been go, go, go. Firstly, Mummy took me to be spayed three weeks ago. That was not fun, but the vet let mummy be there when I woke up. She went out and bought me a special neck brace so I didn’t have to wear the “cone of shame” – it’s a bit like an airline pillow for dogs! But she only put it on me when she left me at home alone so that was good. Oh the humiliation!

Anyway, the operation was apparently a success! The vet gave mummy pain killers and tranquilizers to take home – mummy said the tranquilizers would be good for her – she was so scared about me going “under the knife” – but I was back home after only a couple of hours!

The first day mummy said she wanted to take  a photo that said “This is Your Dog on Drugs!” because I was very very woozy. I took myself off to my bed in my room at 4 p.m. and didn’t wake up till 3:30 a.m. Here’s a pic of me knocked out!

Going under the knife is exhausting!

The vet said I might need painkillers the next day, but I didn’t – I’m TOUGH!!! The worst part was I wanted to play right away but I had to wait 10 whole days before I could go back to the dog park and play with my friends. That was NOT fun. But then I got my stitches out and was good to go. Phew.

But now, I’m all better and happy to be out and about again. Although I was back at the vet last week because apparently I got conjunctivitis. I’m still getting drops in my eyes. Two more days to go. Yay!!!!But when I went back to the vet, I was NOT happy. I hid under the chair and barked at Dr. Metten and I usually LOVE him. I wouldn’t even take a treat from him. I was kind of crazy. He took out my ovaries and removed my uterus! What? He thought I’d just say ‘Hey, nice to see you again?’ Sheesh!

Still, the BEST news is Mummy took me hiking on a great trail where you can let your dogs off leash. It was New Year’s Day and I started the new year really well. I met Willow (you can see her in the picture) and she showed me how to run in the swamp – that was FUN. What was not so fun was immediately after two hours of running along the trail with my new BFF – Mummy drove me straight to the place where you can bath your dog. Apparently I STANK. I didn’t think so. Humans. They’re so picky! Then I came home at 2 p.m. and aside from having my dinner and going outside once to do my business I slept, and slept and slept until 7 a.m. the following morning. That was the BEST day ever. I hope we do more of the trail in 2012. Mummy says we will – but no more swamp swimming for me. Really? Just look at this photo of me and Willow – doesn’t she see we’re having FUN? Phooey.

Me and Willow after we went swamp swimming. It was SO MUCH FUN!


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