On the gopher trail

Yes! This is my new hobby. Digging for gophers. I now go every weekend on the off-leash trail below Loyola Marymount University. Mummy calls it going “trailer trashing.” I LOVE it. I get to run and run and run. And then when I’ve run I get to run some more. It’s SOO much fun.

Often we meet Joan and Ed and their three Golden Retrievers: Sherman, Lulu and Maddy. Maddy is a little older than me and she only has three legs but boy can she run and keep up with me. We think it was Sherman that taught me how to dig for gophers and now I’m obsessed! Here’s some video of me. The fist video of me is on the trail with a stick and my neighbour Randall. The second is me gopher-ing!!!! Mummy says excuse the whole Blair Witch Project shaky camera. That’s her iPhone.

I’m almost finished up my six week Therapy Dog training course. But Mummy says she’s not going to make me take the test just yet. I’m too puppy-fied in her opinion. She’s going to wait until I’m at least 18 months old before trying to test me. Me? I’m just having fun!

Hope you enjoy my videos!


About Kelly

Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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2 Responses to On the gopher trail

  1. Sam says:

    It looks like you have been busy and having fun!


  2. Woo khan’t be what woo are not!

    Happy Digging!


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