In which I catch a gopher and learn to swim (but not on the same day)

I refuse to make apologies for being AWOL. Puppies are BUSY – that’s all I can tell you. My mummy went to Israel for a bit and Randall took care of me and the dog walker – Jeannie. She’s lovely. We see her at the dog park in Playa Vista every day with my good friend Max the Lab and Finn the Newfoundland/Golden Retriever Cross.

You know how I love to dig for gophers? Well I caught one a few weeks ago. Mummy was horrified. But it’s my instinct, no? She refused to look as I ran down the trail with a grin that said ‘Look what I’ve got!” Mummy told Randall to make me drop it. She doesn’t even want to know whether I killed it or not! What a wimp!

This past weekend Mummy got invited to bring me to TWO new doggie swimming pool places. Doggie Central was the first. Two Hands Four Paws was the second. Mummy says please click on the link below to see her write up about my swimming experiences and to see VIDEOS of me swimming (plus pics). Go ahead, you KNOW you want to click this link!

In the meantime, here’s pics of me just being… well… me! These are pics of me on the trail with my dear friends Maddie (the three-legged Golden) and Patch.






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Fiction writer, journalist, editor, Golden Retriever owner.
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One Response to In which I catch a gopher and learn to swim (but not on the same day)

  1. Sam says:

    I can’t believe how big you are getting!


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