My latest philosophy…

If you don’t feel like sleeping on your bed…

Sleep time, chow time, it's all the same to me.

You might as well eat it!

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Yappy Hour at The Zoom Room

Last month, as part of Take Your Dog to Work Day, I got to participate in a free for all, well a dog-for-all, I guess. Mummy hasn’t been blogging with me for a bit because she had BIG foot surgery and had a very rough week.

Of course, mummy being mummy, she decided to blog about her FOOT instead of me. Sheesh! You can read all about her foot shenanigans here.

I have been very good while Mummy has been laid up, lying by the foot of her bed (and trying to scarf her pudding cups). Mummy says I’ve been sooo sweet. This being good is tough work, though. I did steal some tissues to remind her that I’m not perfect, that would be too difficult to live up to!

Enjoy the slideshow with all my Zoom Room doggy friends.

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Also, I’m starting Agility 2 on Sunday. Whee!!!!!

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I passed my Canine Good Citizen Test!

Wow. Shows you how long it has been since I last blogged. Mummy apologises. HER mummy (my grandma) was visiting from Israel and she got very busy. But we’re back now and have LOTS to tell.

Along with passing my CGC on June 29, I’ve been up to lots of different things. Rather than write it all out I’ll show you with some pics. First, here I am with my buddies at one of my best friend’s birthday parties – Jack the (three-legged) dog at the park. We meet at the park every day. We had a GREAT time at Jack’s bday.

Jack's Bday party. I'm kind of squirmish!

Because I’ve been SOOO lazy and not blogging lately (I think my nails need trimming, which is making it hard to type), I have pics of my AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test certificate and medal. Will post my CGC swag when they arrive. In the meantime, enjoy my new bling!

Me with my S.T.A.R. Puppy Certificate and Medal.

Next up – pics and a video of my very first visit to water – (aside from the beach). This pretty stream at Solstice Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. This was FUN! We do this hike a lot now.

Here we are at Solstice Canyon exploring the water. Whee!!!!

Here’s a video of me checking out the water!

And as we’re on a water theme, when my grandma visited from Israel, she bought me a pink plastic wading pool for $6.99 at Toys R Us. Here’s pics and a video of my introduction to the great pool. It’s been VERY hot here so I LOVE the pool.

Next up are some pics from when I went with Mummy and Grandma to Venice Beach and the Venice Canals. Aren’t I cute???

At Venice Beach

At the Venice Canals with my mummy!

Here’s some photos of me that Grandma took while I was in agility class at The Zoom Room!

And finally… just some pictures of me being cute. BTW I’m almost 8 months old and weigh 60 lbs!!!!!  I hereby promise to post more regularly. Hope this has caught you up on my activities!

Me with Ted the teddy bear - my favourite toy. He used to be bigger than me!

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I Passed My AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test!

Guess what? I officially passed my AKC S.T.A.R. puppy test last Saturday – one day before my 6month birthday. Mummy is VERY proud of me. I’m still waiting for my swag (certificate, medal etc.) to come in the mail. Any one know how long that takes?

Sorry I’ve been AWOL – not sure I have an excuse, but I have been busy!

I have LOTS of new friends. I meet EVERY weekday afternoon up at the big park with my new doggy friends. We all have a great time. My best friend there is Jack – he’s a mixed dog with only three legs, but he LOVES me and we play all the time! Apparently he loves puppies. My other friends are the beautiful poodle Coltrane, the labrador May, a little, bitty dog called Tillie, a large dog (forget breed) called Navar (but he doesn’t like to play with me so much), the sheepdog Parker, the cocker spaniel, Gracie and I’m sure there are others but I forget!

I just graduated Obedience 1 on Saturday and am starting Obedience 2 on Wednesday night. At the end of Obedience 2 in six weeks, I’ll hopefully be ready to take my Canine Good Citizen test. Mummy says I’m good in class but a terror at home. I’ve dug more holes; it rained last week and I dug and dug and dug and came into the house almost entirely BLACK. I was FILTHY and muddy and Mummy was NOT happy. But it felt soo good. Then I got thrown in the shower. Phooey.

Mummy is also thinking of signing me up for “tricks’ class. Boy, I’m already doing obedience and puppy agility, she wants me to do tricks too? I just learned “spin” and “twirl” which apparently Mummy says I’m learning faster than my recall! Especially at the park.

My best friend in puppy agility is a Great Dane called Calypso. We run and play after class till we’re exhausted… On Sunday after class we played so much I could barely stand up. Then I came home and slept for two and a half hours!!!!

Okay. Here’s my latest mug shots!

This first section is from when I went with Mummy on a Green Garden Showcase Tour in the neighbourhood. It was all about sustainable landscaping and see I found my own sustainable plants!

These next photos are of me playing with Calypso (Great Dane) and Walter (Bernese Mountain Dog) at puppy agility.

These are photos of me taking a nap with my teddy bear whose name is Ted. I LOVE Ted. He was here when Mummy brought me home. She bought him for him. He used to be bigger than me. Hard to believe!

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A Day at the Park

Yippee! Balls, grass, scary things, sticks. Running, running, running. I had SO MUCH FUN. The video and slideshow pictures explain it all – at least I think so….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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My life in pictures…

Well, they say a picture’s worth a thousand words so here’s some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately. Lots of FUN stuff… the park, the beach. Whee! Oh, I also starred on my mummy’s news site (actually I think I was exploited but treats were involved so that’s fine with me). Check out my headlining story for mummy at this link here.

And here’s photos  and a video of me at the beach. We drove almost an hour to the off leash Huntington Dog Beach so I could run and play with other dogs along the waterfront. It was my first visit to the beach and the waves scared me so I kind of stayed away from them but I’ll be braver next time. I had more fun chasing and playing with all the other doggies. We had a blast. Then I came home and crashed!

Tired puppyExhausted puppy!

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I’m the Zoom Room’s Dog of the Month!!!

Mummy is SOOO proud of me. I’ve been picked as the Culver City Zoom Room Dog of  the Month! Mummy had to answer lots of questions about me and they put up a great profile of me and all my favourite things. You can read it here. I love the Zoom Room!

I also lost my first tooth at the Zoom Room on Sunday. I was in puppy agility with Stephanie and her 5 and a half month old Great Dane Calypso. Calypso just had her ears taped that morning and she and I were playing, LOTS. This means I jumped around a lot and she just moved slightly sideways and bowled me over. That’s one big puppy. Even I know she’s bigger than me. But I love playing with the big dogs. Even though Calypso is HUGE, she is such a sweetie and so much fun to train with.

Anyway, suddenly everyone saw that there was blood all over the tape on Calypso’s ears and they all panicked, but then Mummy spotted one of my teeth lying on the floor. Everyone was relieved, and also very excited that I lost my first tooth. I don’t know what the big deal was. I didn’t feel a thing. Mummy says I’m now her Gummy Bear!

Because I don’t need to go to the vet for any more shots, I’m not getting weighed regularly. But Randall – our neighbour – who I consider my Daddy, he bravely picked me up and stood on the scales the other day. Drumroll please…. 38.6 pounds! No wonder mummy says I’m so heavy.

Um, what else can I tell you? Well, I’ve become a big fan of counter surfing and swiped an entire piece of pineapple off the table the other day. Didn’t even chew it. I swallowed it whole. Yum! Oh, and I love to play with snails. For some reason this doesn’t make Mummy happy. However, she is happy I’ve stopped digging holes in the garden…. well she THINKS I’ve stopped. I might surprise her one of these days…

Taking a nap

At the Zoom Room (I)

At the Zoom Room (II)

At the Zoom Room (III)

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